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Our Workshop Stoves online store offers a wide range of workshop stoves and workshop flue systems to customers throughout the UK. The stoves we offer are designed to burn workshop offcuts and we also have many sawdust stoves or sawdust burning stoves. Why pay for your workshop waste to be taken away, when you can use it as stove fuel and heat your workshop with it?

Buying a Workshop Stove and Flue System

Our online workshop stove installation assistant will help you send us some simple details so we can design your flue system for you, and we're here on the phone(0800 246 1250), or by email for questions before, during, and after installation.

Workshop Stoves

Oakfire Workshop Stoves

made in the UKSpecifically designed for UK workshops and made right here too, Oakfire workshop stoves are robust, well put together and really chuck out the heat. Oakfire workshop stoves can burn a variety of fuels including sawdust, timber offcuts and logs. There are 4 models with outputs from 6kW to 20kW.

Oakfire workshop stoves

Greenheart Workshop Stoves

Greenheart workshop stoves come in 5 different sizes, so you can make your choice of stove and flue system depending on the size of your workshop. The Greenheart stoves start at a compact 4 kW stove, which comfortably heats up to 65 cubic metres, ranging up to the 14kW workshop stove which heats up to 196 cubic metres. Other factors come into the choosing of your stove - the size of your wood offcuts, the number of times your stove will need to be reloaded, level of insulation and ventilation, etc.

Greenheart workshop stoves

Workshop stoves
Workshop stoves, sawdust stoves and flue systems.
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workshop stoves sawdust stoves uk