Greenheart 2 workshop and sawdust stove

Greenheart 2 workshop stove Greenheart 2 sawdust stove

The Greenheart 2 workshop stove has a grate which gives it extra lifespan. Ash from the firebox of the stove is removed through a little door at the bottom by simply scraping it out. Generally we recommend that you choose a larger size of workshop stove - the reasons for this are that you should not run a stove at full blast all the time - just like you wouldn't drive a car at it's top speed all the time. Also you can fit larger pieces of wood into a bigger workshop stove and may not need to refill it as often.

HeightDiameterFlue size Heat outputArea heatedTop opening size
560mm345mm88mm REAR≈6 kW≈84 cu.m370mm

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