Oakfire 1 workshop stove - Oakfire1 sawdust stove

Oakfire1 workshop stove Oakfire 1 sawdust stove

The smallest Oakfire workshop stove, the Oakfire 1 is still a robust workhorse. The Oakfire 1 is well suited to the small workshop, office or shed. The Oakfire 1 will burn sawdust, shredded paper (this makes a fair bit of ash though), shavings, offcuts and logs. Please remember when burning shavings that they should be compacted down well to reduce the air gaps and mixed in with some sawdust. Otherwise they can burn very hot indeed which could possibly overheat the stove. Each installation is different and you will develop a good feel for how the stove is working burning a particular fuel.

Primary air intake

Oakfire 1 primary air intake Here is the primary air intake vent which controls the amount of air going through the air tube. The air tube runs to the base of the firechamber allowing you to burn particulate fuels like sawdust. A mesh around the tube means that air is not just supplied to the base of the fire chamber but potentially along the whole height of the tube.

Secondary air intake

Oakfire 1 secondary air intake On the Oakfire 1 and 2 the secondary air intake vent is placed on top of the fire door, not on the front of the stove as per the larger models.

Each Oakfire workshop stove comes with an operating tool.

More information about the various features of Oakfire stoves can be found on the main Oakfire workshop stoves page

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