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Bruno stoves are designed differently from almost any other stove and the design suits workshops incredibly well. The whole firebox is made from steel tubes welded together and these are designed to draw cold air up from the floor and spread it around as warm air. This means that they are extremely good at warming big spaces. Instead of being very hot immediately around the stove, and cool elsewhere, you will get a much more even heat right across the workshop.

Another advantage of convecting stoves is that the stove body will always be cooler to the touch than a radiant stove, an important safety feature in a busy working environment.

The third factor that makes them popular, in wood workshops in particular, is that they have big fireboxes that can fit large and long bits of wood. They can be loaded and left to get on with it in a situation where often people just don't have the time to be fussing around a stove. Once the workshop is up to temperature the stove can then be turned down and will keep in for hours, maintaining that warmth.

The table below gives a summary of each Bruno stove.

Bruno T613kW260 cu. m860mm670mm700mm 1486
Bruno T816kW320 cu. m860mm670mm850mm 1648
Bruno T1019kW380 cu. m860mm670mm1000mm 1756
Bruno T1222kW440 cu. m860mm670mm1150mm 1863
Bruno T1425kW500 cu. m860mm670mm1300mm 1969

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