Dektite premium red high temperature roof flashings

Dektite premium red high temperature flashing

Dektite red high temperature flashings are suitable for flashing roof penetrations of single skin flue through profiled, corrugated and flat roofs. The Dektite hi temp flashing can withstand temperatures of 250 degreees C - that means that if you are running a very short flue sysytem or have an inefficient stove (where a lot of the heat goes up the flue pipe) that the flue temperature may be too hot for the hi temp flashing - in which case you should opt for twin wall flue. The flexible silicone hood will accomodate pitches from 0-45 degrees and a metal strip concealed inside the edge of the silicone hood helps the edge of the flashing keep the form that you shape it to making it easier to fit to profiled roofs. The flashing is sealed to the roof using silicone sealant.

The fixing kits provide a tube of silicone, screws and screw caps - do not get the kit if you have to use bolts as you will not be able to use the screws, you might as well just get a tube of the low modulus silicone if you need it.

Sizing chart for the Dektite premium flashings

Dektite premium flashing SIZES

Installation instructions for the Dektite premium high temperature flashing

Dektite premium flashing fitting instructions

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