Ecoburn Industrial Stove Heaters

Ecoburn industrial heater stoves

Ecoburn offer a range of effficient workshop and industrial heaters which go from 15kW up to 350kW. You have have the choice of manual operation, or a choice of high capacity hoppers with automatic feed systems. The automatic feed system is the better solution as it ensures a more consistent supply of fuel, which in turn gives a more consistent burn, improving efficiency and effectiveness and potentially increasing the life of the burner. The automatic feed option also makes life simpler essentially giving you a 'load and walk away' solution.

Ecoburn industrial stoves can burn a wide variety of fuels; logs, sawdust, wood chip, briquettes, wood pellets. Ingeniously, in the Ecoburn Elite models, some of the hot flue gases are cycled back into the combustion chamber. This raises efficiency and reduces emissions by increasing the temperature of the burn. This also means that Ecoburn industrial heaters can, if necessary, cope better with those times, hopefully few, when your fuel quality might be less than ideal. Internally the temperature is measured by a thermostat that controls the fan which means that the combustion of the fuel is well regulated.

Ecoburn industrial heaters are not available simply to buy online. Please contact us and we can start the process of creating a system spec and design with you. We also provide help with designing the hot air ducting/distribtion system if you plan to use one.

NameHeat outputHot air outputFlue sizeHeightWidthDepthPrice
Ecoburn 1515kW1000 m³/h150mm1660mm700mm1115mm5121
Ecoburn 3030kW2200 m³/h200mm1600mm950mm1450mm6043
Ecoburn Elite 3030kW2200 m³/h200mm1600mm1000mm1450mm7512
Ecoburn 5550kW6000 m³/h200mm1660mm1000mm1550mm6360
Ecoburn Elite 5550kW6000 m³/h200mm1660mm1000mm1550mm7886
Ecoburn 8585kW6400 m³/h200mm1800mm1050mm1530mm6907
Ecoburn Elite 8585kW6400 m³/h200mm1800mm112mm1530mm8836
Ecoburn 120115kW7200 m³/h200mm1800mm1050mm1530mm7276
Ecoburn Elite 120115kW7200 m³/h200mm1800mm1120mm1530mm9153
Ecoburn 175175kW12,800 m³/h220mm1900mm1150mm1620mm9044
Ecoburn Elite 175175kW12,800 m³/h220mm1900mm1220mm1620mm10,737
Ecoburn 240233kW14,400 m³/h220mm2000mm1170mm1650mm9787
Ecoburn Elite 240233kW14,400 m³/h220mm2000mm1240mm1650mm11,688
Ecoburn 350407kW25,500 m³/h250mm2500mm1170mm2000mm24,393
Ecoburn Elite 350407kW25,500 m³/h250mm2500mm1170mm2500mm24,552

Prices include VAT

Fuel hoppers with automatic feed

Fuel hoppers with automated feeder system

Add in a high capacity fuel hopper with an automated feed system for ease and convenience. These hoppers are necessary if you want to burn sawdust, wood pellets or woodchips. The large fuel hopper is top filled and has revolving blades at the base to ensure that the fuel does not simply build up at the sides of the hopper. An auger carries the fuel up from the base of the hopper and then drops it into a second auger which feeds the stove. This gives a separation to prevent the possibility of fire tracking across from the burner to the hopper.

NameFuelsMatching Ecoburn modelsPrice
CAR CP1sawdust, wood pellet, woodchip30, 558736
CAR CP2sawdust, wood pellet, woodchip55, 85, 120, 1759744
CAR CP3sawdust, wood pellet, woodchip85, 120, 175, 24010,824
CAR SB1briquettes85, 120, 175, 240, 35011,112

Prices include VAT

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