Sweeping your workshop stove flue system

It is very important to sweep your flue system as much as needed. The frequency that you need to sweep depends on many factors such as what types of wood you burn, how fast you burn it and whether your flue system is insulated or not. To enable you to sweep your workshop stove flue system it may be necessary to use extra bendy nylon sweeping rods.

Sweeping is messy - black flue deposits will come down from the flue. You are likely to get black hands at the very least and the deposits are likely to come out from the stove so be prepared: where work clothes, a mask to stop you breathing in the deposits, gloves and lay a dust sheet (or similar) out around your stove to catch any deposits that come out.

To sweep the flue attach the brush to the end of the rod. The sweeping rod is pushed up from the inside of the stove and into the flue. Push the rod up into the flue and then pull it back down again. You will probably find that deposits start falling down from the flue where you are brushing. Repeat this a couple of times and then push the rod a little higher up. When you pull the rod back down again make sure that it comes down lower than the highest point before you pushed it further up - that way you shouldn't miss any bits.

You will need to screw on extra rods - remember which way you screw them on and make sure that you do not turn the rod you are holding in your hand in the opposite direction whilst sweeping or you can unscrew the rods inside the flue and then it's annoying trying to get them out again!

When you reach the top of the flue the rods will not go any further as the brush will come into contact with the rain cowl on top of the flue. Pull the rod down again, repeating the up and down motion but in reverse this time.

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