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Greenheart workshop stoves

Our Greenheart workshop stoves are great and with five sizes to choose from, allowing you to find the right sawdust stove to suit your workshop. You can burn just about any wood waste in a Greenheart stove: wood scraps, shavings, as well as sawdust! Yep, that's right, these workshop stoves can burn sawdust and wood (most other sawdust burning stoves can only burn sawdust). To burn sawdust in your stove, you simply fill the stove up with sawdust and put a piece of lit newspaper on top. How simple is that! Get rid of workshop waste - wood, shavings and sawdust - and heat your workshop at the same time!

When burning shavings please be aware that they can produce a very fierce heat - you must mix in some sawdust and control the air intake of the stove. We also advise fitting a flue damper if burning shavings to further control the burn rate. If you want to be on the safe side avoid shavings altogether.

Our Greenheart workshop stoves are designed for use in workshops and are not suited (or tested) for use in domestic premises. Domestic chimneys tend to be tall and have too strong a draw for these stoves.

The links in the Workshop Stove Table below will take you to the page on our online workshop stove store which explain more about each type of Greenheart workshop stove. Below this table is a discussion on how you can choose the right size of stove for your workshop.

Stove≈ Area heatedHeightDiameterFlue sizePrice
GRNHRT 14kW56 cu. m510mm310mm88mm180.75
GRNHRT 26kW84 cu. m560mm345mm88mmOut Of Stock
GRNHRT 38kW112 cu. m605mm345mm100mm226.50
GRNHRT 410kW140 cu. m680mm390mm110mm269.50
GRNHRT 512kW168 cu. m760mm390mm110mm321.50

Workshop heater stove prices shown above include VAT

Choosing the right size of Greenheart workshop stove

You need to consider first what heat output you need to heat your workshop and then the physical size of the stove as this decides the size and volume of fuel that you can burn.

Use our workshop stove size wizard to get an idea of what size of stove you might need for your workshop.

Choosing the right Greenheart stove in terms of heat output

You do not want a Greenheart workshop stove that only just meets your heating needs - you should size the heat output based on the coldest day possible in your workshop. That way you do not have to run the stove at full blast every day - this would reduce the life expectancy of the stove.

The approximate area heated is intended as a rough guide and is based on a building with insulation. Often a workshop has an uninsulated roof and sometimes uninsulated walls - if so you should choose a larger workshop stove.

Often a workshop has extractor fans and ventilators going for a lot of the day. This will also make the room much colder than normal - so you should choose a bigger size stove to compensate. Also be aware that an extractor can interfere with the normal workings of a chimney.

Choosing the right workshop stove in terms of physical size

Bear in mind that the bigger the stove, the bigger the pieces of wood that can fit into it, the longer it will stay burning unattended and the more efficiently it will convert your waste wood to heat.

Use our workshop stove size wizard to get an idea of what size of stove you might need for your workshop.

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