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Mick Hanbury is a UK based woodturner who produces some of the most amazing wood turned work I have ever seen. A cabinet maker 'turned turner', Mick has more than 18 years experience as a professional wood turner. Mick is of course an accomplished wood turner, but it is the decoration of his turned wood platters and bowls that really makes them different.

wood turned platter mick hanbury Mick uses a series of piercing and cutting bits (much like the bits used on a dremmel but bigger) to make intricate decorations and patterns on his work. Some of the platters look like they have been eaten away by a small troop of neat, artistically minded termites, others have lines, holes and patterns in them that seem to trace out the outlines of rivers or the surface of the sea.

wood turned platter mick hanbury

Mick's work is available for sale and he also provides private tuition.

On his website you will find a range of instructional DVDs which show you how to wood turn platters, goblets, and boxes just like he does (I think you may need to put a lot of practice in though). There is also a DVD which instructs on how to decorate your wood turned work like he does. The piercing and bits used for the decoration are also available to buy from his website at very reasonable prices.

Mick's website can be found here: http://mickhanbury.com

mick hanbury at work wood turning

I know from experience that wood turning produces a great pile of wood shavings at the end of the day. Try and burn the shavings in a normal stove or fireplace and you just put it out unless the shavings are particularly big. Often the shavings end up being composted or thrown away. After putting Mick's instructions into practice, instead of wasting the shavings, why not burn them in a sawdust burning Greenheart workshop stove and keep yourself warm at the same time, save on heating bills, and reduce your C02 emissions.

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