Ventilation cleaning and dust as relates to safety


It is important to make sure that you clear up any flammable materials such as wood shaving, sawdust, etc. It is good to get into the habit of sweeping the workshop every day and bagging and storing shavings, offcuts and sawdust somewhere safe. If embers fall from the stove then you want to make sure that there is not significant amounts of flammable waste material around the stove that can catch fire. This is one reason why you need a hearth for your stove to sit on.

Storage of combustible materials and fuel

Obviously do not store flammable materials, offcuts, shavings, sawdust, fuel, etc near the workshop stove.

Dust and ventilation

Keeping the workshop clean and swept can also keep dust down but may not be enough. If air gets sufficiently full of fine sawdust then it is possible for this sawdust filled air to ignite. You must not let this happen. Therefore you should have dust extractors attached to any machines that create dust - especially fine sawdust. This is especially important if you have a workshop stove or other direct heat source in your workshop. You should also ensure that the workshop is adequately ventilated to expell excess dust from the air.

The workshop stove itself will also need a certain amount of air for combustion. If you have a 'normal' workshop where the doors do not make an airtight seal then you should be OK but if you have a well sealed workshop then you will need to provide some pemanently open fixed ventilation. For domestic situations building regs. doc J recommends that you supply 550 sq. mm of ventilation for every kW above 5. Therefore a 7kW stove would require 2 x 550 sq mm of ventilation = 1100 sq. mm.

Extractor fans and stoves

Often workshops have extractor fans and these can end up fighting against the chimney - i.e. sucking air down the chimney. This means that the stove will not work or will at the very least smoke when the fan is on. The solution is adequate ventilation so that the fan has somewhere to draw it's air from and does not fight the chimney.

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