Japanese pull saws from Woodworkprojects.co.uk

Woodworkprojects.co.uk is a website run by an amateur woodworker who is happy to share some of his projects in the hope that they will inspire you to tackle something different (such as the picture frames shown below, for example).

picture frame from woodworkprojects

The website also features some advice on tool selection for newcomers to the craft, and a shop in which you can buy pullsaws and saw guides imported from Japan. These are the saws used to make the projects shown on the site and are serious tools for serious woodworkers, but still very easy to use by beginners. They are also remarkably keenly priced.

japanese pullsaw

Japanese saws are called pullsaws, because they cut on the pull stroke, and since the act of cutting actually keeps the saw tensioned the blade can be thinner and leave a much smoother cut even when using a fast, coarse-cut saw. There is a broad range of pullsaws like these in the woodworkprojects shop with blade lengths from 150 mm to 333 mm and ranging from 9 TPI to 21 TPI. Every one of these saws leaves a much neater and smoother edge than an equivalent Western-style saw. What is more, they are all Topman z-saws, the best-selling saws in Japan and made to the highest technical specifications by the Okada Manufacturing Company. Topman have also produced videos demonstrating how to use their saw guides and some of their saws, and links to these videos (which are free to download) can also be found in the woodworkprojects shop.

Woodworkprojects can be found at www.woodworkprojects.co.uk

No matter how finely these saws cut, however, they do still produce sawdust which you can burn on a sawdust burning Greenheart stove, and heat your workshop at the same time. We recommend that if you are burning very fine sawdust that you mix some coarser sawdust and/or shavings in as this will make the stove burn better.

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