Workshop stove flue pipe brackets and support components

The flue pipe should ideally be supported as opposed to sitting on the stove. This is especially so if there is twin wall flue pipe in the system as it is heavier than single skin flue pipe. The flue should also be laterally supported so that it is firmly and safely fixed in space.

Support brackets and components are relatively expensive and many workshop stove customers make up their own. The flue pipe should be firmly fixed so that if it is knocked it still stays in place. A simple wall fixing bracket to give lateral support can be manufactured from those reels of metal available from builders merchants which have holes already drilled in them. The metal is bent in a circle around the flue and a bolt tightens the circle around the flue. One of the tails of the circle extends to the wall where it is fixed in place with screws.

Twin wall insulated flue can be supported in a similar way to the method descriped above. Make a wall band in exactly the same way to fix the flue laterally to the wall. To take the weight a band is made and tightened around the flue pipe. The end of two long pieces of the metal strip are pushed through the band before it is fully tightened. The ends are then folded back on themselves and are then bolted to themselves a little further up so that the bolt does not damage the flue pipe. So you now have a band fixed to the flue with two long metal strips coming off from either side of the band. Run the two strips up and fix to a suitable roof beam or similar so that they take the weight of the flue.

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